The Tradional Bird Cage Awl
Made in USA
Made In USA

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The Czeck Edge Carbide Bird Cage Awl!!! Featuring a solid carbide blade!!!

Carbide Bird Cage Awl

Chris SchwarzChris Schwarz takes the Super Kadet II for a test drive and has this to say... "If you don’t like (or cannot) sharpening a marking knife, the new Czeck Edge “Super Kadet II” knife is likely the right choice for your tool chest. Based on the well-balanced and well-made “Kerf Kadet” knife, this version is like its older brothers with the addition of a tungsten carbide blade."


Woodworker's Institute takes the new Kerf Kadet Series II for a test drive

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Thank you for your visit! Tight joinery in wood begins with crisp, distinct layout lines that permit positive cutting tool registration. Czeck Edge Marking Knives and Awls will create these lines accurately and comfortably for you, every time.

We use the finest materials plus a balance of traditional and state of the art technologies to produce our tools. We take extreme pride in our craftsmanship because we know your craftsmanship demands the best.

Made In USA
Be sure to put HandWorks on your calendar for May 15th and 16th, 2015! This will be a hand tool celebration like no other. Most prominet hand tool makers will be present and eager to share their expertise and knowledge with you on a personal level. If you plan to attend and are a Czeck Edge customer, please contact me, I have something special for you! Thank you, Bob.

Chris Schwarz likes his Czeck Edge Ruler Stop and talks about it in the October 2011 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine! Read the details here.

Struggling with your scraper? Learn a great technique for sharpening a scraper using the Czeck Edge Scraper Burnisher! See the video >>

Read What Chris Schwarz, Carl Duguay, Rob Picarro and Geoge Walker are saying about Czeck Edge tools!


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